Tibetan Singing Bowls


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our Singing Bowls are hand crafted and work exceptionally well as meditation ‘gongs’.
The selection we stock includes both hammered bowls and some cast bowls. The latter are decoratively etched and easy to play.

Our supplier sources only the best quality bowls and travels personally to Tibet and Nepal to play and select the bowls, therefore ensuring that both quality and tone meet his and our exacting standards of excellence.

We can provide, by order, a number of ‘antique’ bowls which are sourced from areas around the Himalayas. These are traditionally made and are often up to 60 years old. Characterised by their very deep sound and long lasting resonance, they are available in sizes from 20cm to 26cm in diameter and are priced according to weight.

Our regular stock of Singing Bowls includes the following –

Black Zen ThadoBlack Zen Thado

  • Comes boxed with a beater and brocade cushion.
  • 9.5cm diameter bowl.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Easy to play.



Small Reiki ThadoSmall Reiki Thado

  • Comes boxed with a beater and brocade cushion.
  • Made with 5 metals.
  • Reiki symbol on box and inside bowl.
  • 9.5cm in diameter.


8cmSmall Meditation Singing Bowl

  • Made with 5 metals.
  • Comes boxed with mat and beater.
  • 8cm in diameter.
  • Easy to play.
  • Excellent sound quality.


Boxed Green Buddha Singing BowlSmall Green Buddha Singing Bowl

  • Made with 5 metals.
  • Comes boxed with mat and beater.
  • Green enamelled bowl with Buddha image inside bowl.
  • 8cm in diameter.


Blue Singing BowlBlue Singing Bowl

  • Made with 5 Metals.
  • Raised Buddha inside.
  • Comes with beater, unboxed and without mat.
  • Beautiful visually.
  • Easy to play.
  • Available in 2 sizes : 12cm diameter (0.5Kgs); 13cm in diameter (0.7Kgs).

brassbowl7Cast Brass Singing Bowl with Etching

  • Comes with beater, unboxed and without mat.
  • Has etching outside and inside the Bowl.
  • 12.5cm in diameter.


bag-bowl1Cast Etched 5 Metal Singing Bowl

  • 11cm in diameter.
  • Comes with red donut cushion and beater.
  • Unboxed.


thado-singing-bowlEtched Thado Singing Bowl

  • 10cm in diameter.
  • Made with a 5-metal alloy.
  • Straight sides give a deeper sound.
  • Comes with beater, unboxed and without mat.

thado-singing-bowlEtched Thado Singing Bowl

  • 13cm in diameter.
  • Cast, etched Singing Bowl.
  • Excellent tone.
  • Beater included, unboxed and without mat.

Also available:

A series of plain boxed Singing Bowls with mat and beater.
Available in the following sizes:

  • Medium.
  • Large.
  • Extra Large.

We can source individual bowls to order. These may be ordered by weight and/or size.
We would always advise customers to visit The Olive Tree and play a number of bowls in order to select their bowl personally.
Our Staff are always happy to demonstrate the bowls and to guide you through the process of playing them.

Origins, History and Use

  • Originally, they were used as begging bowls, chalices or kitchen bowls.
  • Bronze ‘kitchen bowls’ were passed down through generations.
  • The bowls are not Buddhist in origin, they may date from the pre Buddhist Tibetan Bon culture.
  • They are a type of bell, known as a ‘standing bell’ .
  • Often called Tibetan Singing Bowls, it is more accurate to call them Himalayan Bowls.
  • The bowls may be used as a signal to begin and end periods of silent meditation.
  • They may be struck to denote when a particular phrase is chanted.
  • The bowls may be struck to mark the passage of time or to signal a change of activity e.g. changing from a sitting to a walking meditation.
  • The bowls are played by moving a wooden or leather/suede beater around the outer rim or by striking the side of the bowl with the beater. The two methods produce quite different sounds.
  • They are used today to aid meditation, religious practice, relaxation and healthcare.
  • If used in ‘Sound Healing’, the bowls are sometimes called ‘Healing Bowls’ or ‘Chakra Bowls’.
  • In Sound Healing, the bowl is played and then sometimes placed on the body.
  • The Practitioner uses the resonance of the bowl’s harmonic vibrations within the human body for balancing and relaxation.
  • Some Sound Healers seek to activate or balance the body’s Chakras or energy centres.
  • The ‘singing’ sound is a remarkable, powerful, long lasting harmonic that can invigorate and also calm.
  • Today, bowls are hand hammered or machine made or a combination of the two.
  • Experts say that the best modern bowls are from Nepal.
  • Modern bowls are likely to be made from a type of bronze called ‘Bell Metal’, a mixture of copper (78%) and tin (22%).
  • Antique bowls were typically made of high quality bronze plus other metals.
  • The presence of multiple kinds of ore is thought to be the source of the ‘multi-phonic overtones’.
  • Some antique bowls have mellow tones created by age which accounts for the high value placed on them.

The item(s) shown here are a small selection of those available. To see the complete range visit us at The Olive Tree.
If you want more information about this product please contact us at 0151 708 8780
or email us at [email protected].
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