Sage Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks

NAMERICAN-SageSmudgeSticksEasy Smudging:

  • Light the end of your sage stick and, after it has ignited, extinguish the flame and allow the stick to smoulder.
  • You may wish to hold a container in your other hand to catch ashes or to serve as a resting place for the smoldering stick.
  • If you use a fan or a feather, the smoke can be directed around yourself, another person, your home or place of ceremony to purify the energy that is present.
  • The smoke from your sage stick may also be directed to honour the four directions, the father Sun and the mother Earth.
  • To extinguish your sage stick, stub it out in your container as you would a cigarette and examine closely to make sure the stick is completely out.
  • Your stick may continue to burn if not completely extinguished.
  • We ask that you burn these sticks in peace and with an open heart. Thank you.

The Olive Tree stocks several varieties of smudge stick, many that are packaged contain clear instructions for their use.

  • California White Sage bundle 4” loose.
  • California White Sage bundle 8” packaged.
  • California White Sage mini bundle 4”.
  • California White Sage bundle 5” packaged.
  • Lakota White Sage wand 14” packaged.
  • Tiny Desert Sage bundle 4”.
  • Also 5” and 7” smudge sticks which are a combination of sage (for cleansing & protection) and another herb:

         – sage and cedar (to consecrate or make sacred. The fragrance of cedar is calming and uplifting.) sage and copal (this embodies the elements of Earth and Water.)
         – sage and pinon pine (for purifying and cleansing.)
         – sage and sweet grass ( for grounding, protecting and making sacred.)
         – sage and lavender (for healing.)

  • Triple Goddess Wand: Maiden Sage, Motherwort and Cronewort, wrapped in the wisdom of the Grandmother Sage.
  • Blue Sage & White Sage: Blue Sage or Grandmother Sage for cleansing of negativity and the White Sage or Grandfather Sage for protection.
  • Zia Mix: Blue Sage or Grandmother Sage for cleansing of negativity, Yerba Santa for spiritual strength and Chapparal for physical wellbeing and purity.
  • Yerba Santa for spiritual strength.

The item(s) shown here are a small selection of those available. To see the complete range visit us at The Olive Tree.
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