Reiki Charged Incense


Reiki Charged Incense

100% natural incense. Reiki, the universal life force is an energy that exists all around us. This Reiki incense is specially made to work with the natural healing energy available to everyone. Reiki links the vital energy (ki) to the universal one (rei). This promotes harmony and balance.

Koo Myo: Is the ‘lightening fire’. ‘Koo’ is the light expansion of the crown chakra and ‘Myo’ is clear sightedness. Burning this incense will help to calm the mind, releasing us from obsessive thoughts and fears, promoting clarity, intuition and creativity.

Chiryo: This name refers to the treatment itself. Burning this incense will help to nurture decisiveness in everyday activities, helping us to set positive intentions whilst trusting in the divinity that underpins all of creation.

Reiji: This is the ‘guidance of spirit’, allowing one to listen to their own inner voice and dialogue. Use this incense to attune to your own inner voice.

Gassho: This refers to the meditation practised before Reiki healing treatments begin. Used to aid attunement. Gassho means ‘two hands coming together’, as for prayer. Burn this incense to enhance your meditation and deepen your connection to Reiki.

Shin Pin-den: This refers to ‘mysterious teaching’. It activates the third level allowing us to connect to the spiritual dimension and cosmic awareness.
Oko-den: This refers to the ‘second teaching’, allowing us to focus on ‘the deeper knowledge’. It is based on the understanding that what you give with a generosity of spirit is returned tenfold.

Sho-den: This refers to the ‘first teaching’ strengthening links to the physical world. Burning this incense helps us to focus on our physical life, bringing a greater sense of self awareness.

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