Prayer Beads


Prayer Beads/ Meditation Aids

Prayer beads, also known as malas, have 108 beads, considered to be an auspicious number. ( Hand malas have 21 beads). They are strung with tassels and have a ‘guru bead’ set at the top.

The following malas are a part of our regular stock:

Red Coral Mala

  • 7mm beads.
  • Red coral set with lapis.

Dark Wood & Rosewood Malas

  • 7mm beads.

Bodhiseed Mala

  • 10mm beads.
  • With coral and turquoise effect stones.

Power Bead Bracelets/ Hand Malas

  • A selection of hand malas made from assorted woods, some have coral/turquoise effect stones.
  • A selection of gemstone hand malas:

All of these have adjustable bands and all have 21 beads.

  • Lapis: 8mm beads.
  • Rose Quartz: 8mm beads.
  • Malachite: 8mm beads.
  • Labourite: 7mm beads.
  • Amethyst: 7mm beads.
  • Tiger’s Eye: 7mm beads.
  • Quartz Crystal: 8mm beads.
  • Turquoise: 8mm beads.
  • Moonstone: 7mm beads.
  • Carnelian: 8mm beads.

The following malas are available to order:

All of these have 108 beads and are each approx. 70cm long:

  • Malachite 6mm prayer beads.
  • Rose Quartz 10mm prayer beads.
  • Carnelian 8mm prayer beads.
  • Lapis (good quality) 6mm beads.
  • Green Aventurine 8mm beads.
  • Carnelian (fine quality) 8mm beads.
  • Amethyst (good quality) 7mm beads.
  • Quartz Crystal 8mm beads.
The item(s) shown here are a small selection of those available. To see the complete range visit us at The Olive Tree.
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