Iron Lanterns

arabesque-hanging-lamp-with-stained-glass-ml228c-mArabesque Hanging Pendant Lamp: ML228C

Bring a delightful looking pendant lamp to your home, adding elegance to your interiors. This Arabesque hanging lamp will give to any room in your home a fabulous appearance. It will add a luxurious look to your lounge or dining room, and add a touch of romantic Moroccan spice to your bedroom.
When lit this lamp will reflect enchanting shadows on to your walls, adding a relaxing ambience to your home. This Arabesque hanging pendant is highly recommended for various types of homes: from a flat in the city to a home in the country.

  • ML228C
  • Height: 65cm
  • Width: 28cm

moroccan-ceiling-light-multicoloured-glass-ml27-2-mArabic Style Moroccan Ceiling Pendant lantern with Coloured Glass: MLK22-1

With its unique authentic Moroccan design, this pierced pendant lantern has coloured glass inserts.
This lantern will add a timeless elegance to your home. Equally stunning in either a hall, dining room or conservatory this hand crafted lantern is available in 2 different sizes.

  • MLK22-1
  • Height: 45cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • MLK24
  • Height: 62cm
  • Width: 25cm

moroccan-ceiling-light-multicoloured-glass-ml27-2-mLarge ‘Iron’ Ceiling Lantern with Multi Coloured Glass. ML27-2

A handcrafted authentic Moroccan Ceiling light shade with small multi coloured glass inserts.
The pierced design will create beautiful patterns around the walls and ceiling once the light is switched on.

  • Height: 27cm
  • Width: 35cm

m-Brass Moroccan Hand Crafted Lantern: MLK-30

This beautiful lantern will enhance any space in your home with it’s traditional beauty and unique traditional design.

  • Height: 65cm
  • Width: 30cm

Traditional-moroccan-iron-and-glass-hanging-lantern-ml13-2-mTraditional Moroccan Iron and Glass Hanging Lantern – ML13-2 – NEW for 2015

This Moroccan Hanging Lantern comprises clear glass and traditional Moroccan colours of red, blue, green and amber glass.

  • Height: 55cm
  • Length: 25cm

handmade-moroccan-ceiling-light-mlk102-mHandcrafted Moroccan Pendant Light Shade – MLK 102 – NEW for 2015

Created by Artisans, this beautiful light shade is both stylish and elegant.
It will enhance any room in your home with it’s mixture of contemporary design and traditional techniques passed down from father to son.

  • Height: 20cm
  • Width: 41cm

Pierced Brass Moroccan Pendant Light

  • Pierced brass pendant lantern with ‘antique’ finish and glass inserts.
  • Glass colours may vary.
  • Each piece is hand crafted and unique.
  • The lantern will cast beautiful shadows in our room or hallway.
  • Code: MLK-30.
  • Height: 65cm.
  • Width: 30cm.
  • Weight 3kg.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

Arabic Style Moroccan Round Ceiling Lantern in ‘Silver’

  • This pierced nickel plated spherical pendant lantern is available in 2 sizes.
  • Its design will create a contemporary Moroccan look and will transform any space.
  • The pierced design will enable your walls and ceiling to be enhanced by fabulous cutwork patterns when your lantern is lit.
  • Height: 22cm.
  • Width: 19cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.


  • Code: ML20-2S. – Height: 42cm.  Width: 26cm.  Sold as a Lantern only.

Arabic Style Moroccan Round Ceiling Lantern in Shiny Brass Finish

  • Similar in design to ML20-1S and ML20-2S.
  • This pierced shiny brass spherical pendant lantern creates a contemporary Moroccan look.
  • The pierced design will enable your walls and ceiling to be enhanced by fabulous cutwork patterns when your lantern is lit.
  • Height: 52 cm.
  • Width: 35cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

Moroccan Ceiling Lantern with Multi-Coloured Glass Inserts

  • A stunning lantern which, when lit, will transform your room with coloured patterns.
  • Height: 40cm.
  • Width: 30cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

A Traditional Moroccan ‘Iron’ Ceiling Lantern

  • Brings atmosphere and colour to any space due to the beautiful amber stained and frosted glass.
  • Height: 66cm.
  • Width: 27cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.


Andalusian Style Pendant Lantern

  • Made from metal and clear glass.
  • The clear glass will offer a brighter light.
  • The geometric design will cast fabulous shadows and reflections around your room.
  • Height: 50cm.
  • Width: 20cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

Moroccan Arabesque Pendant Lantern

  • This gorgeous Arabesque design will give your room a truly authentic Moroccan ambiance.
  • Code: ML228-C.
  • Height: 65cm.
  • Width: 28cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

Moroccan ‘Iron’ and Glass Pendant Lantern

  • This stunning lantern offers clear glass so your room may be more brightly lit.
  • The lantern is available also with coloured glass for a softer atmosphere.
  • Height: 60cm.
  • Width: 25cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.


Moroccan ‘Iron’ Pendant Lantern with Glass Inserts

  • A traditional Moroccan Lantern.
  • Offers an atmospheric ambiance to your living space.
  • Has amber stained and clear glass.
  • Available in a combination of different colours.
  • Height: 70cm.
  • Width: 28cm.
  • Sold as a Lantern only.

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