love-subjectA Sufi Master, who was a disciple of Attar and a prolific writer, although he only wrote when he was inspired. He was thought to have written an estimated 5000 poems before his death in 1369.

His collected works (Divan) is the second most widely read book in Iran, the first being The Qur’an.
His work was brought to the West and translated by Ralf Waldo Emmerson, Peter Avery, Daniel Ladinsky and others.
Hafiz was born in 1320 and his name means ‘Memoriser or Reciter of the Qur’an’.

The Subject Tonight is Love (60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz)

  • All the poems are based on the translation of the Divan of Hafiz, translated by H. Wilberforce Clarke.
  • The translator used a recently republished 2-volume edition of Clarke’s work.
  • Hafiz sometimes ‘speaks’ as a seeker after truth and at other times as a Master.
  • The 2 different points of view reflect Hafiz’s role as primarily a student and later a Master.
  • The book reflects Hafiz’s status as one of the great lyrical poets of all time.
  • God is referred to by many names, for example The Problem Giver, The Problem Solver.

“A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful, parched holy mouth”. Hafiz

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Hafiz the Mystic Poet ( Translated by Gertrude Bell).

  • This book captures Hafiz’s ‘deep spiritual understanding’.
  • He was considered by his contemporaries as an Oracle and was often referred to as an ‘interpreter of secrets’.
  • This collection is infused with a spirit of love and joy.
  • It offers the reader an insight into Hafiz’s spiritual philosophy and mysticism.
  • The work addresses earthly beauty, pain, ecstasy and longing all of which defines human nature.
  • Evident in this collection is his mastery of ambiguity – a major characteristic of Persian poetry.
  • Contents include: Who is Hafiz? A short introduction to his mysticism, the Poems and notes to the poems.

Thirty Poems of Hafiz of Shiraz (Translated by Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs)

  • Contains an introduction which describes the intellectual background of the time.
  • Offers an analysis of his poetic methods and the nature of his imagery.
  • The poems are ‘beautifully and faithfully rendered into English’.
  • The translator and the poet seem to have collaborated.
  • The book is easy to read and accessible to all.
  • The Collected Lyrics of Hafiz of Shiraz (Translated by Peter Avery)
  • A complete collection of Hafiz’s lyrical poetry, The Divan-I Hafiz.
  • Translated into English from the edition of Parviz Natil Khanlare.
  • “The primary aim of the translator was to have rendered the 486 poems while trying to convey some sense of the poetry to a reader who lacks knowledge of Persian.”

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