native-americanAnimal Spirit Guides

  • A manual for identifying and understanding your power animals and animal spirit helpers.
  • Author: Steven D. Farmer.
  • Published by Hay House.
  • 455 pages.

American Indian Medicine Dreambook

  • Teaches how to enter the world of “Dreamtime” and receive valuable personal guidance.
  • Contains an extensive analysis of dozens of dreams and visual symbols.
  • Includes nearly 100 drawings of symbols, ancient petroglyphs.
  • Author: Brad Steiger.
  • Published by Whitford Press USA.
  • 256 pages.

Living in Two Worlds ( The American Indian Experience)

  • This is the story of embracing the traditional cultural ideas of nomadic ancestors whilst living in the modern industrialised world.
  • Born in a buffalo hide tipi in 1856, Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) was raised as a traditional Sioux Indian.
  • He became a medical doctor and cared for wounded Indians after the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee.
  • He helped to co-found the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.
  • The book features more than 275 colour and black & white vintage photographs.
  • It contains selections from his 5 most important works.
  • Other Indian voices include Black Elk, Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull and contributions from 13 others.
  • The royalties from the book will be used to support the Sun Dance religion of various Plains Indian tribes, or to purchase copies of the book for distribution to American Indian readers.
  • Author: Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) including contributions by other notable Indian leaders.
  • Editor: Michael Oren Fitzgerald.
  • Published by: World Wisdom.
  • 207 pages.

Returning to the Lakota Way

  • Traditional tales of the Lakota people offer deep truths for the modern world.
  • Beautiful story telling relays traditional tales passed down through generations.
  • An insight is given into the lives and beliefs of the Lakota people.
  • The stories offer lessons on tolerance, patience, faith and selflessness.
  • The book shows how the wisdom of history can enhance the current world.
  • Joseph Marshall III, the author, was born and raised on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation and is a member of the Sicangu Lakota (Rosebud Sioux) Tribe.
  • Raised by his grandparents in a traditional Lakota household, his first language is Lakota.
  • He learned the ancient tradition of oral story telling in his grandparent’s home.
  • Author: Joseph Marshall III.
  • Published by: Hay House.
  • 281 pages.

The Woman Who Lived With Wolves (and other stories from the Tipi)

  • A collection of stories revealing how humans created a relationship with their environment in order to prevent natural disasters and to protect themselves from harm. 
  • We are shown their utmost respect for animals without whose help humans would have perished.
  • We learn that the language of birds and animals sends signals of the seasons, messages of hope and survival and, most importantly, warnings. 
  • The theme of wolves and other animals helping people in distress is shared in many Native American stories.
  • Traditional peoples have known that birds and animals can appear in answer to prayers for help, as angel helpers from The Great Spirit.
  • In this beautifully illustrated book, the stories may be divided into 4 themes: to entertain; history, which may be heightened by miraculous happenings; some stories explain origins, usually in mystical terms; finally, stories which are an integral part of sacred rights and ceremonies.
  • The stories come from the storytelling tradition of the following tribes: Lakota, Pawnee, Mandan, Blackfoot, Cheyenne and Many Nations.
  • Author & Illustrator: Paul Goble.
  • Published by: World Wisdom, 2010.
  • 47 pages.

Other Native American books available at The Olive Tree include: A Beadwork Companion, Iroquois Crafts, Native Spirit ( The Sun Dance Way), The Essential Charles Eastman, The Art of the Native American Flute, Exploring Native American Wisdom, Meditations with the Cherokee.

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