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We stock a comprehensive range of Arabic Language Courses suitable for travellers or those wishing to make an in-depth study:
Established in 1991, Anglo-Arabic Graphics specialises in teaching students across a wide age range. The most popular text books for teaching non-Arabic speakers are the “Gateway to Arabic” series; the “Key to Arabic” and “Arabic Without Tears”. Teaching aids include Flashcards, Posters and Audio recordings.

Arabic From the Beginning Part 1

  • The latest book from Anglo-Arabic Graphics.
  • No prior knowledge of Arabic required.
  • Learn Modern Standard Arabic.
  • Gain the skills needed to read and write ‘vowelised’ Arabic texts.
  • Author: Dr. Imran H. Alawiye
  • Published by: A-A Graphics.
  • 72 pages.
  • Full colour.

Gateway to Arabic: Books 1—7

  • Well-structured and progressive course.
  • Accommodates a broad age range.
  • Popular with evening classes, schools and adult students.
  • Use of skills learned through written exercise, spoken passages of dialogue and comprehension exercises.

Gateway to Arabic Book 1

Offers the skills necessary for reading and writing the language including :

  • Recognition of Arabic letters in their isolated form.
  • Introduction to 3 short vowels.
  • Recognition and formulation of joined letters.
  • Sun and Moon letters.
  • Author: Dr. Imran H. Alawiye.
  • Published by A-A Graphics.
  • 68 pages.
  • Black & white.

Gateway to Arabic Book 1 : CD

  • A single audio CD.
  • A reading of material found in Book 1 in order to aid pronunciation.

Also available :

  • A Double audio CD set to accompany Gateway to Arabic Book 2.
  • Aids pronunciation and helps to learn vocabulary.
  • A set of 4 audio CDs to accompany Gateway to Arabic Book 3.
  • To further aid vocabulary, use of grammar and pronunciation.

Gateway to Arabic Learning Aids

Picture Pad

  • Topic-based aid for teaching vocabulary.
  • Key words and expressions.
  • Flipchart format 30cm x 30cm, spiral-bound.
  • 12 page black and white Transliteration/Pronunciation guide.
  • 27 charts covering more than 450 useful words and expressions.
  • 250 illustrations.

Flash Cards

  • Set 1 : Letter recognition and reading skills.
  • Set 2 : School and classroom vocabulary.
  • Set 3 : Fruit and vegetable vocabulary.
  • Set 4 : Food and drink vocabulary.

Verb Flash Cards

  • Set 1 : 50 double sided cards in full colour.

Key to Arabic : Book 1

  • For absolute beginners from a broad age range.
  • Extensive written exercises.
  • Vowel sounds colour-coded.
  • Short passages of dialogue designed to develop confidence.
  • Author : Dr. Imran H. Alawiye.
  • Published by : A-A Graphics.
  • 68 pages; full colour.

Key to Arabic Book 1 : Audio CD

  • Double CD set.
  • A complete reading of Key to Arabic Book 1.
  • Assists with pronunciation.
  • Pauses are factored in to allow time for repetition.

Key to Arabic : Book 2

  • Builds on skills learned in Book 1.
  • Introduces simple sentence structures.
  • Introduces simple Arabic grammar.
  • Basic vocabulary of words and expressions.
  • Aspects of everyday etiquette.
  • Short and simple explanations.
  • Colour-coding throughout.
  • Exercises to reinforce topics covered.
  • Author : Dr. Imran H. Alawiye.
  • Published by : A-A Graphics.
  • 68 pages in full colour.

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