What is a Pendulum?

GP7AMETo put it simply, a pendulum is a weighted object suspended by a cord. Some superstitions have pregnant ladies suspending their wedding ring on a piece of ribbon above their tummies to learn the gender of their child. Modern pendulums are often made of brass, wood or crystal, but there are no rules as to which type is best. Some people use a particular pendulum for different divining needs, so don’t worry if you end up with quite the collection of pendulums! Let your intuition guide you, and through experimentation you will discover which type of pendulum is best for you.

Types of Pendulum.

ScryNew_grandeIf you choose a pendulum that is made from crystal, it can be beneficial to consider the type of stone which would work best for the questions you intend to ask. For example, amethyst is a stone of spirituality and intuition and so is a very good choice for a pendulum. Clear quartz is for clarity and purpose, and so would be useful if you need a very clear answer. Rose quartz is a gentle stone of love and healing and so would be beneficial if you need calm, kind answers.

However, there are many other types of pendulums. Lighter pendulums are more sensitive, so if you’re a beginner then you may find heavier pendulums to be preferable. Hollow pendulums are generally best for diagnosis or distance healing, as a sample can be enclosed within the pendulum to enhance the connection. For map dowsing, a pendulum with a defined point would achieve the best results.

How do Pendulums Work?

There are two schools of thought regarding pendulums: one holds that pendulums are controlled by the individual’s subconcious – that people already “know” the answer to their question, but need a little help to access the information. The pendulum responds to minute motions of the individual’s hand, thus revealing the answer.

The second school of thought believes that everything in existence has a subtle energy field – including humans. When the individual focuses their intent using a pendulum, these subtle energy fields respond and increase enough to move the pendulum and answer the person’s question.

Getting Started.

Hold your pendulum in your non-dominant hand and hold your other hand palm up beneath the suspended pendulum. Ask a control question – this is a question that you already know the answer to (make sure it is a yes/no question). The pendulum will move, and the way in which it moves will reveal how it will respond to future questions.

So for example, you could ask a question to which the answer is “yes.” The pendulum then swings in a clockwise direction, meaning that when the pendulum swings in a clockwise direction in response to future questions, it is answering “yes.”

Repeat again with a “no” question to discover how your pendulum will answer in the negative. Please note: pendulums move in a different way for everyone. Yours may spin, twirl, or sway.

Continue this process daily for about a week in order to programme the crystal and your subconscious.

The Care and Keeping of Pendulums.

Pendulums should be cleansed after each use – this can be done by leaving them in sunlight or moonlight, resting them on a citrine or amethyst crystal, wafting them through incense smoke or even dunking them in a glass of clean water (if the pendulum’s material will survive getting wet, of course)!

Most dowsers like to have a special pouch or box in which they keep their pendulum – usually the one in which their pendulum came when it was purchased. You might like to make your own, or to keep your pendulum with your angel/tarot cards, or in a box with your crystals. It’s a personal choice, so let your intuition guide you!

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